just SHUT UP!

shut_up11One of the biggest mistakes sales people make is to go into a sales call with a prospect or customer and talk, talk, talk. In fact, when coaching we often find that sales people talk more than the prospect does. By A LOT!

Seriously, you need to SHUT UP. And we mean that in the nicest possible way.

Selling is largely a process of learning what your customer needs—what they do, how they do it, with whom they do it with, why they do it that way…all BEFORE telling them how you will help them do it better. How can you accomplish this if you’re talking all the time?

We know this to be true, yet we can’t seem to stop ourselves from talking. Why?

Well, because when silence lingers it is human nature to fill it. But you must fight the urge, whatever it takes—bite the inside of your mouth if you must—and let your prospect do the talking. Count to ten and if the prospect still hasn’t filled the space, ask a question…and then shut up and wait for their answer.

This technique really works. Most of the time you will find that the prospect/customer will tell you things you haven’t even asked for…which is exactly the position you want to be in when selling.

So try it…just SHUT UP!

Article copied from GTMS


4 Replies to “just SHUT UP!”

  1. اريد معرفة لقب الوجهاني اكرمك الله اخي و الى اي قبيلة ينتمي وبارك الله فيك

  2. That’s a great post Ahmad..
    Well I totally agree with this post..
    Actually I have worked in a company for a while, and I was interested in sales world, so I asked the sales manager to provide me with any resource to do self-training in that field. He provided me with audio files (something like an audio book) which lasts for 30 hours and it was truly an amazing experience. unfortunately I do not currently recall the name of that series but the main theme was to: helping customer succeed. and as expressed here to shut up and let the customer talk in order to helping him.

    I remember I got so excited once and asked my manager to let me do a site survey to one of our potential customers (and this is the duty of a sales person in order to convince the customer to buy a specific product which should solve his problem after checking what kind of infrastructure and problems he/she has). impressively enough, I acquired the customer’s confidence who was really resisting me at the beginning thinking that I was a regular bullshitter 😀
    halla2 I told him honestly sir, the product which my company asked me to sell is very huge for your mid-sized company, and he had the same point of view. so I owned this guy but I had a hard time in the company for ruining the deal.. unfortunately most sales personnels here in Saudi Arabia do not give a damn to this shut up rule.

    best regards Ahmad..

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