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A Little Love and Humanity, That’s all it Takes!

We all know how important and effective the humanitarian organizations are in alleviating humanitarian problems, however, it is more important to recognize and shed light on the individual cases of heroic leaders who were able to create innovative solutions in their communities because they have lived and understood these problems themselves. There are many examples of these initiators, all we need to do is search within our own communities to learn about them and their accomplishments.

It is important to state that entrepreneurial movements whose heroes were ordinary people, created important solutions to community problems, and — to some extent — outdid the humanitarian organizations in terms of the simplicity of the proposed solutions on one hand and their implementation on the other because the solutions come from heroes who have lived and well-understood the problem itself.

The question remains, how did these people become changemakers in communities?

Before answering this question, these people certainly did not come to be by chance!

, we face so many problems within our communities that, with habituation, we start to see them as the “salt of life” rather than real problems! The way the human mind works forces us to adapt to these problems such that we harmonize and conform with it to survive. Here comes the role of the heroes who cannot simply accept the presence of the problem. So they start the journey of searching for and understanding all aspects of the problem, and proposing multiple solutions to find the best innovative one and implement it on all those afflicted with adversity; therefore, they worthily become the changemakers.

So are you one of the changemakers or did you not discover your abilities yet?

Don’t be discouraged by the thought that requires experience or previous knowledge!

Rest assured, changemakers are born for their purpose, they were and are still the main reason for the survival of the human race until now. Since the Neanderthal period (cavemen / first man) some of the early men were able to understand their problems and create innovative solutions for them which primarily responsible for their survival — and our existence today is the biggest evidence of that.

Today, you are obligated to follow your instinct to find your inner hero. Do not think that you cannot make it! The only difference between you and us is that we have already realized it before you.

And now I want you to follow these steps that will prove that you are one of those heroes:

1. Search for a problem:

Searching for a problem is not difficult at all, it is better to start with your personal problems; there is nothing better than living the problem to be able to understand it. Then, start asking questions about the size of the problem, its range, and its implications for you and the people around you. In the end, you will have identified a clear problem that afflicts a certain number of people and negatively impacts their lives.

2. Start following-up on the problem:

After finding a certain problem, start observing the problem, the people afflicted by it, and how they interact with it. Were there any previous solutions, and what is the efficiency of them? Following-up with the problem’s development will lead to a better understanding and knowledge of all of its aspects.

3. Propose a solution to the problem:

You are now ready to propose a clear solution. Because of your deep understanding of the problem, you are sure that the previous solutions were useless, and you believe that there is a better solution that can end or at least decrease the severity of the problem. Make sure that the solution is effective, sustainable, and long-lasting. Patients do not want painkillers as much as they need surgery to stop the pain. Try to create effective and radical solutions.

4. Immediately start implementation:

The biggest problem we suffer from his hesitation. Do not overthink, start the implementation of your solution immediately, and work on developing it. Do not anticipate full planning for a complete project on paper, perfection comes through when actual work takes place; start simple and clear, complications will impose themselves later.

It is crucial to start implementing the solution in a simple and uncomplicated manner that directly targets a small sample population that you could observe and follow easily.

5. Continue to measure the problem:

By observing and following the sample population, try to measure the impact of the problem before and after implementing the solution to the amount of change your proposed solution accomplished. Based on the results, you will be able to continue to develop the solution for greater impact.

6. Start expansion:

After you made sure that the proposed solution is practical and effective, you must use it to benefit as much affected people as possible. At this stage, you should think carefully about advertising your solution within the community to gather as much support and volunteers that will help develop and implement the solution on a bigger scale.

7. Spread to the world:

There is nothing greater than sharing your experience with the world! Be sure that there are many people around the world that suffer from the same problem. But apparently, you are the first to solve it, or at least simplify the solution to be easier and more effective.

I don’t think experience played an important role in what been mentioned above because the person described here simply had some humanity and love towards their community which in turn positively affected his or her thought process and made them a socially innovative hero. Report this

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