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shoes and 2 ways

Are you hesitating?

The biggest problem the man is suffering from is “hesitation.” Try not to overthink. Start implementing your solution immediately, and work on developing it consecutively. Do not think that you can plan an integrated project on paper. Perfection comes with work, starts simple and...

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United States Dollers

Do you know why You’re Underpaid?

Daily, we face a big problem regarding our inability to market ourselves, which should have been among your top priorities indeed! Away from the concept of “selling your soul to the devil,” and within today’s dynamic business and social life, each individual has a...

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A Reality check report 2019 on Syrian newcomers

Abstract The study focuses on a cohort of Syrian refugees who came to the Greater Toronto Area after 2015. The scale of the emigration – and of the massive positive public response to welcoming and accommodating those newcomers – is perhaps unparalleled in Canadian...

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A Little Love and Humanity, That’s all it Takes!

We all know how important and effective the humanitarian organizations are in alleviating humanitarian problems, however, it is more important to recognize and shed light on the individual cases of heroic leaders who were able to create innovative solutions in their communities because they...

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