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Last Edit December 20, 2019, at 3:16 PM

For new clients, Edward Edilbi/Procasy Inc. will supply an estimate in advance of all new projects, which clients must sign and return prior to commencement of any work. When approved by Client, Edward Edilbi/Procasy Inc. is authorized to proceed with the project.

Alterations or changes to project proposal or changes in the scope of work during production will render the estimate inaccurate. Final costs, therefore, may vary. The client will have the opportunity to approve all phases of creative and production. In the event of cancellation of this assignment, a fee for work completed based upon the contract price and expenses already incurred shall be paid by the Client.

Edward Edilbi/Procasy Inc. reserves the right to use any work it produces as sample pieces unless otherwise requested in writing.

Canada sales tax, shipping and courier charges, 3rd-party purchases (custom fonts, stock photography, etc.) and other expenses that may occur throughout a project but cannot be estimated in advance of production are not included in the estimate and will be billed additionally.

Intellectual Property:

Edward Edilbi/Procasy Inc. retains ownership of all original design documents, including, but not limited to, sketches, drawings, comps, designs, layouts and illustrations, whether preliminary or final. Exclusive copyright of these materials is reserved by Edward Edilbi/Procasy Inc., upon full payment of all fees and costs. The Client is granted the right to use the designs contained in these materials for printing and/or display purposes only, or as per project contract or as otherwise specified in writing only. Put simply, Client does not, by default, receive native, editable files. However, native files may be requested via “transfer of ownership,” which carries an additional fee (logos are the exception and include all ownership rights). All other rights remain the exclusive property of Edward Edilbi/Procasy Inc.